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In 1916, the USDA published Bulletin #404, a report on using hemp hurds as a paper-making material.  The bulletin proclaims that: "Without a doubt, hemp will continue to be one of the staple agricultural crops of the United States".  The report also warns that:  Our forests are being cut three times faster than they grow".  It finds that (over a 20-year period) 10,000 acres of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 40,500 acres of trees.  The test results are so favorable that USDA bulletin #404 is printed on paper made with hemp!

The purpose of this eBook is to spread "The Gospel of Hemp".  The gospel, or "good news" is that hemp can save our world.  Hemp can produce oil, fuel, building materials, clothing, food, dioxin-free paper, textiles, clean energy, cars, non-toxic-biodegradable plastic, CBD medicine, and over 25,000 products ranging from dynamite, to cellophane.   Hemp can also make most anything that is currently made with toxic petroleum-based plastic, even things that were not around in 1937, like cell phones, computers with keyboards, laptops, tablets, CDs, DVDs and their cases...Endless possibilities!

As we use our last reserves of petroleum and pollute our world drilling for oil in areas where an "accident" can quickly become an enormous ecological disaster; as our air becomes more and more polluted and unhealthy; as food, housing, transportation, and clothing becomes less and less affordable; what can save the earth and civilization?  HEMP CAN!

The Gospel of Hemp provides an introduction to the FACTS and long history behind hemp, why it was outlawed, and how it can still save the future of America, and the WORLD!

The Gospel of Hemp: ISBN# 9781623093341  Author: Alan Archuleta  Publisher: BookBaby

Now FREE on Amazon Kindle and Google Play!